Pegasus Securities

About Us.

About Us

PEGASUS SECURITIES S.A. was founded in Athens in 1990 and holds a steadily increasing and dominant presence in the Greek Stock Exchange Market. Since 2000, it is a member- company of the Derivative Market.

It consists of executives with long experience and knowledge of the domestic and foreign markets.

The certification for the personnel and associates of PEGASUS SECURITIES S.A. from the Hellenic Capital Market Commission is an additional important characteristic for the safety and high effectiveness of transactions in Greece and abroad.

The company, through collaboration with numerous international financial institutions, offers direct access to international stock, bond and derivative markets.

. With primary focus of all our activities on excellent, reliable and prompt customer service, we offer a wide range of securities and investment services, our goal being to cover all investment needs, from the simplest, to the most demanding.

These are the basic reasons why we register steady and continually evolving customer relations which last more than 20 years.

Company Services and Activities

Our Company holds license No. 3/45/3.7.1990 from the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, which was amended and complemented by decisions 6/175/9.11.1999, 5/216/17.5.2001, 12/387/19.6.2006, 9/481/30.7.2008 and 4/563/23.9.2010 of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission Board of Directors, according to which we are qualified to provide the following investment and supplementary services, as they are defined specifically in law 4514/2018:

A. Investment Services

a) Receipt and transfer of orders on behalf of clients

b) Order execution on behalf of clients

c) Portfolio management

d) Providing investment consulting

e) Financial instruments custody with no holding commitment

B. Supplementary Services

a) Holding and managing financial instruments on behalf of clients, including custodian services and providing related services such as monetary
    management or providing insurance

b) Providing credit of loans to investors for transaction in one or more financial instruments, as long as the Company mediates the transactions
    for which the credit or loan has been provided

c) Investment consulting to companies related to the structuring of capital, the branching strategy and related issues, and M&A consulting

d) Providing foreign exchange services, relating to providing investment services.

e) Research in investment sector and financial analysis or other forms of general recommendations relating to financial instrument transactions

f) Custodian related services

g) Providing investment and other services relating to the subject media of derivatives, as included in cases 5, 6, 7 and 10 of part C
    of Addendum I of law 4514/2018, as long as they are related to investment or supplementary services.

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