Customer Complaint Handling.
The Customer Service Department receives customer remarks and/or complaints regarding the providing of PEGASUS financial services. If specific complaints are communicated be the customer or we are notified of a customer complaint to the relevant supervisory authorities, the case is handled by the Complaint Manager. The Complaint Manager, cooperating with the Quality Control Department Manager reviews the real circumstances of the incident in question, and initiates the appropriate actions as specified in the PEGASUS Internal Operation Regulations.

Customer complaints to PEGASUS S.A are categorized as:

a) No service to the Customer according to the contractual obligations and commitments of the company towards him
b) Not receiving adequate information from PEGASUS
c) The case when the Customer judges that the level of the provided services from PEGASUS is not satisfactory
d) The case when the conduct of our employee may indicate more serious wrongdoings (e.g. fraud) In any case PEGASUS      keeps a Customer Complaint Archive, in which all related documentation for each complaint is kept.


The complaint is being received by:

                       Matina Akila
                       Τηλ.: 2103670774
                       Address: Valaoritou 17 & Amerikis, Athens 10671

At PEGASUS offices the people who comprise of the Complaint Review Department will be identified, and all related clarifications will be given. The complaint receiver will answer on the projected complaints and causes orally or in writing, within a reasonable timeframe.

The customer may also contact:
a) The Banking and Investment Services Mediator, 1 Massalias str., Athens 10680, tel. 2103376700
b) To the Consumer Advocate, 144 Alexandras Av., Athens 11471, tel. 2106460284 / 2106460458
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