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Cookies Policy.

Cookies Policy

PEGASUS SECURITIES S.A. automatically records information from the IT equipment we use, including the IP addresses of persons who visit our website, as well as cookies sent and installed on their computers. The use of the collected information is solely for the use of agreements that may be signed between a legal or physical entity and PEGASUS SECURITIES S.A., and for better managing website content.


PEGASUS SECURITIES S.A. expressly states that we do not sell, provide or allow access to this information to any third parties. Access to information of that nature is given exclusively to employees of PEGASUS SECURITIES S.A., whose job description requires it.


PEGASUS SECURITIES S.A. puts every effort, in good faith, so that the use of this information from our employees has absolute discretion and professional conscientiousness, as required by law.


For more information, please contact the Customer Service Department at +30 210 3670700, or via email at

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