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Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy

Users, who use the content available from PEGASUS SECURITIES S.A., through its website, agree to the following terms:

1. All content on this Website is protected by Copyright, which belongs to PEGASUS SECURITIES S.A. It is allowed to download or print part or all of the content, under the condition that the property copyright disclaimer is not deleted. The transfer or copying of part or all of the content in any way, does not transfer the copyright in any way to the user carrying out this act. Reproduction, electronic transfer, copy in the print form, modification, link or other use of this Website or part of its content, for any commercial purpose, without expressly written consent of PEGASUS SECURITIES S.A., is strictly prohibited.


2. All of the information included on the website, is provided for the sole purpose of informing its visitors and does not in any way constitute investment advice, nor a suggestion to buy, hold and/or sell securities.


3. PEGASUS SECURITIES S.A.ensures, to the extent possible that the data and information contained on its Website, is the most recent with regard for their correctness, accuracy, reliability and completeness. However, PEGASUS SECURITIES S.A. does not guarantee the correctness, accuracy, reliability and completeness of the information or views which are included on the website or other linked websites. The information and views provided by PEGASUS SECURITIES S.A. through the website, is given for informational purposes and for personal use only, and may be modified without prior notice. No part of the website can be considered that it constitutes advice for making an investment or withdrawing from it and in no case does it replace professional investment advice. The information and opinions expressed on this website are provided without guarantee of any kind, explicit or implicit.


4. Website links to other websites and the ability provided to visitors to access them, has the sole purpose to facilitate visitors. Hence, PEGASUS SECURITIES S.A. does not bear any responsibility against any third party from using the ability to access any linked website, directly or indirectly or even more so for the use of data and information contained on such websites. Regarding the orders sent by PEGASUS SECURITIES S.A. clients in order to conduct stock exchange transactions, the investment services agreement General Terms and Conditions apply, as well as any additional contract or document agreed between the company and its clients. Additionally, it is emphasized that PEGASUS SECURITIES S.A. costumers orders given through its Website in order to conduct transactions in any financial product, does not compel PEGASUS SECURITIES S.A. to execute it. Also note that PEGASUS SECURITIES S.A. is not responsible about any malfunction in the receiving, transmitting and executing system for its customer orders, as mentioned above, for (potential) errors from interference, for (potential) positive or negative customer damages resulting from problems created be specific communication methods, from (potential) non-transmission and/or non-execution of orders, or generally for technical reasons, and finally, for (potential) interference, identity theft, password breaking, falsely written or transmitted messages.


5. PEGASUS SECURITIES S.A. does not bear any responsibility, about any positive or negative damages to its customers, resulting from illegal actions of third parties (espionage or decryption of passwords and data etc.) as well as from problems which may arise from computer use (viruses, data loss etc.). The investor, when deciding to send financial transaction orders via website, assumes the responsibility for the chosen system and for any operational problem that may arise (i.e. delays in the transmission or non-transmission of orders, inaccuracies, command errors etc.) regardless of the reasons that caused it.


6. PEGASUS SECURITIES S.A. reserves the rights to modify the website, add, modify or remove any data and information contained therein, without prior notice. Accessing our website assumes that you have fully understood all of the above, as well as that you fully and unequivocally agree to those terms.

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