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Target Market.

Target Market

PEGASUS SECURITIES S.A., according to the applicable law 4514/2018 for financial media purchases, which incorporates Directive 2014/65/EU, when a company possesses or offers financial instruments (created by others), receives the necessary information about them by their creators, and understands the nature and characteristics of each financial instrument.

Furthermore, based on this information, and following the relevant processes, takes appropriate measures to ensure that each financial instrument is directed in client categories whose characteristics, needs and potential investment goals are consistent with the characteristics of the product (target market).

Additionally, PEGASUS SECURITIES S.A. has sufficient monitoring settings for the above products, to ensure that the products and services we are about to offer or recommend are consistent with the needs, characteristics and goals of the particular target market. In case PEGASUS SECURITIES S.A. could be considered to act as creator of any financial instrument it offers to our clients (which is not presently the case), we will apply the necessary processes for the approval of said financial instrument, by determining a specific target-market, within the respective client category for each instrument, taking into account the characteristics, needs and potential investment goals of the clients to which the financial instrument is directed and ensuring that all dangers linked to the specific target-market are evaluated, and that the intended distribution strategy of the financial instrument is suitable for the target market.

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