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Basic Information Documents.

Basic Information Documents

The private customer should be informed of the KIDS FOR PRIIPS, pertaining to derivative securities on which intends to undertake a transaction. This form is created by the publisher of the securities and is provided to the Customer by PEGASUS under the terms of the contract for the provisions of investment services.

Especially concerning derivative securities that are the subject of negotiation in the derivatives market of the Athens Stock Exchange, PEGASUS points out to the Customer that these basic information forms are posted on the EXAE website ( at the link:

You can also find, in the following links, the KIDS FOR PRIIPS regarding the derivatives (except the Athens Stock Exchange) in which you make transactions through our Company.

Futures / Options implemented at Euronext Derivatives Paris:

(Futures / Options) implemented at EUREX:

Futures / Options) implemented at MEFFRV:

Futures implemented at CME Group:

Options implemented at CME Group:

For more information, please contact your Investment Consultant.

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