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Carry out your online transactions in real time through the secure, direct and user friendly ZTrade application of PEGASUS SECURITIES S.A.

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Be informed about stock market news, study the data for the companies of your interest and their technical analysis, and monitor your personal portfolio in real time.

Nine Rules for Electronic Transaction Security

Dedicate some time to read the nine basic rules govern the security of electronic transactions.

1. The sign-in password for the ZTrade application and the mobile app are meant to be used exclusively by you.

2. PEGASUS SECURITIES S.A., its executives and personnel will under no circumstances ask for your passwords.

3. The responsibility for the privacy of passwords lies solely on the user and the company has no liability whatsoever.

4. Do not share passwords with other people, friends, acquaintances, co-investors, etc.

5. Don’t write down your passwords in calendars, notepads, or cell phones.

     If you must, make sure they are coded.

6. Change the initial password you receive from the system with one of your choice.

     Don’t use birthdays, document numbers etc. as your password.

     A password which contains numbers, upper case and lower case letters, and a symbol is considered secure.

7. Change your password often.

8. Ensure that your electronic transactions are conducted from a computer and network with security features required for such transactions.

9. Avoid conducting transactions while connected in public Wi-Fi networks.

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